Success Stories

Coaching Leaders And Their Teams


A local technology company in a time of great transition coupled with high productivity demands selected a new general manager through an external search.  The new GM was accomplished in his technical profession however less experienced in team leadership.

Solutions Provided

A few months into the GM’s tenure, I was invited to served as an executive coach/mentor and a workshop facilitator for the team in key areas of team formation.


The new general manager quickly rose to the challenge of team leadership and rapidly nurtured a healthy cohesive team.

“I was fortunate to meet with David Smith from Logia Consulting Inc. regularly between April and September 2021 on an individual basis and as part of a management team. He helped me to understand my own personality profile and identify areas of strength and opportunities to grow. We then worked together on a leadership coaching framework to focus on growth areas that are most important to me in business and in my personal life. As a coach David was able to create a positive and trusting environment where it was easy for me to discuss any issues or roadblocks I was facing. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share, which he always made applicable to my situation. I also benefited greatly from the practical tools and techniques that he provided me, either working through them together or applying them on my own. David was instrumental in helping me formulate my goals and defining an actionable plan to achieve and measure success. His coaching has made me a better leader in multiple areas of my life. I highly recommend David as a coach for any individual or team.” 

Jacques Vorster

P.Eng General Manager, Comco Controls

“I really appreciate your work with the software leadership team.  Compared to other consultants we have engaged with in the past, most of whom focused entirely on the nuts and bolts of business processes, I really like your focus on deeper character and relational issues and competencies.  It has been great learning from you.  I hope our paths will cross again, either professionally or personally.” 

Nathan Wiebe

Manager, Comco Controls

“The training we are receiving from Dave Smith of Logia Consulting is really helping us build a strong management team at Comco.  I have personally really benefited from the time management sessions. Realistic tips and tricks that have really helped me organize and prioritize my workday.” 

Cheryl Lansing

Manager, Comco Controls