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Coaching New Senior Managers


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on-site individual and team coaching, training workshops.

A European based world-scale nitrogen fertilizer facility in western Canada, one of the largest single line granulation facilities on the continent, is led by a multi-cultural leadership team.  Since the leadership team originates from multiple continents and cultures they have placed a high priority on nurturing team cohesiveness and that the managers that are new to Canada, learn the ambient workplace culture in their pursuit of productivity expectations.


The company has upheld its’ commitment to superior customer service, to producing the highest quality products in the industry, to being a top employer, a leader in safety and environmental stewardship and a good corporate citizen.  ‘New to Canada’ managers have succeeded in embracing the ambient workplace culture including team communications, resolving conflict and engaging difficult employees while ensuring production expectations were met.

“Dave helped me a lot to improve my management skills, to learn more about myself and gave me a good insight into the Canadian way of coaching, and so into the North American way of management, which was very helpful for me as a European.”  

Dirk Sperling

Manager, Yara Belle Plaine (Temporary Assignment, Returned to Europe)

“Dave has a polite and friendly personality, teaching and coaching for him is natural and effortless.  Dave is able to explain tricky leadership situations and management subjects with ease making them easy to grasp.”

Imran Ghori

Maintenance Manager, Yara Belle Plaine