Success Stories

Equipping Future Leaders


Two offices of a global Big 4 accounting firm were anticipating pending partnership transitions that were deemed critical for business continuity and ongoing success.

Solutions provided

I worked as an external coach to office managing partners ‘OMPs’ and undertook one-on-one coach/mentor relationships with several prospective new partners.


Over time I mentored 10 senior managers that were ultimately selected for admission to the partnership. There were also individuals that chose careers outside the firm in senior roles in various industries. These are deemed successful coaching exercises as well because they assessed long term mutual fit. The two offices now have successful teams with full partner complements performing at high levels. 

“I began working with Dave Smith at Logia to support me during a period of significant change in our partner compliment.  Since then, Dave and I have worked together through a one-on-one coaching relationship.  He has been a huge support and the process / tools and feedback were a great benefit for our team.  I now have Dave coaching our next generation of potential partners on developing their leadership skills.  I would strongly encourage others to consider working with Dave.  I have found when I think I am “too” busy is when I benefit the most.”

Scott Verity

CPA, CA, Office Managing Partner, KPMG LLP

“David Smith was a wonderful teacher, coach and most important ally to confide in to foster a positive learning environment to discuss my goals and objectives and from that create an actionable road map to achieve these goals. A unique advantage that David has that I believe enables an employee to break through barriers is that he is independent to the organization which allows for a differentiated learning environment that is safe and free of bias. David provided me with actionable insight that I was able to integrate into my routines and activities that I believe have made me more effective and efficient as a professional, coach and manager. David is a terrific resource and comes highly recommended from me.”

Tyler Campbell

Partner, KPMG LLP

“I have had the pleasure of working with David for the past several months and it has been an extremely valuable experience. Both personally and professionally, David has helped me explore my development and growth areas in a way that is meaningful and constructive. I admire David’s professionalism and knowledge that brings to every conversation.  He is always fully engaged in our conversations and brings fresh perspectives and insights to explore together.  I would highly recommend David and Logia Consulting.” 

Karie Walsh

CPA, CA, Partner, KPMG LLP