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Why an Executive Coach?

Executive leaders use the services of a coach and mentor to address leadership areas including: 

How Logia Can Help

A Logia coach and mentor can provide valuable support to an executive or organizational leader. David’s experience in the C-Suite helped him discover that the saying “It’s lonely at the top” is true. Top executives and leaders usually have very few people they can speak to openly and confidentially about the challenges they are facing.


An executive coach is an objective sounding board that can help a leader triage business challenges, make a plan and form solid decisions. A coach can provide accountability to the process and ensure success is monitored, achieved, and celebrated. A coach will also keep an eye on the leaders’ overall work life balance and work with them to sustain long-term effective performance, celebrating milestones along the way.

Logia Will Help You Achieve:
“I greatly appreciated David's assistance in helping me become a better leader. His insights into visioning, team-building and coaching were particularly appreciated. I highly recommend David for leaders who seek to become better leaders, learning a great deal about themselves and others in the process.”
Dr. John Meehan
SJ, President, Campion College, University of Regina
It is with enthusiasm that I recommend David Smith for anyone seeking Business Coaching. I initially met Dave in early 2017 and was immediately impressed with depth of his knowledge and the clarity of his message. He was a presenter to a group in which I was an attendee. After an initial interview shortly thereafter, I engaged him as a personal Business Coach, and we have had regular scheduled coaching sessions ever since. Dave’s education, training and past business executive experience is evident in the solutions and resources he readily offers to the challenges I present. I have also witnessed him apply his leadership skills. An area in which he obviously has a passion. He is always very diligent and follows through with each promise he makes to add value to his coaching sessions
Barry Stuart
Managing Partner & Senior Sales Assoc., ICR Commercial Real Estate
“I very much enjoyed working with Dave Smith. He provided good information and insight, and effectively guided us through a process to define our corporate vision, mission and core values and helped us develop a framework for improving our business development activities. He took a genuine interest in getting to know each member of our staff and made everyone feel comfortable and involved. His help was greatly appreciated.”
Lynden Penner
M.Sc., P.Eng., P.Geo., President, JD Mollard and Associates (2010) Ltd.
"David has proven helpful, flexible and adaptable in dealing with a senior executive who is re-assessing and establishing a vision and mission for the coming years, all while remaining responsible for a busy portfolio. His competence has been demonstrated by his understanding of the leadership literature and his willingness to work with me to understand what this means in a day-to-day context"
Michael D. Boda
D.Phil, Ph.D., Chief Electoral Officer, Elections SK
Dave assisted me in the downsizing of an operation for my company. His strong listening skills and ability to focus on the needed areas was a great help for me in the adjustment process. His calculated process and how he explains it is very methodical and easy to follow. His diverse background is an asset to anyone needing assistance in coaching. I would recommend Dave to anyone needing coaching at any level.
Dave Bouvier
General Manager, Cascades Packaging
The coaching with Nancy has been very rewarding. She has helped me learn ways to consider different perspectives in my interaction with my team, and reflect on my leadership skills. She created a safe yet challenging environment to address some difficult situations, questions and relationships, and how to move forward. Thank you.
Sr. Director.
David’s thoughtful approach, wealth of knowledge and passion for leadership helped me broaden my perspective on my career and create an actionable, balanced plan for my unique development needs. David’s support enabled me to successfully navigate critical career transitions and lead my team in executing on our goals. I had a great coaching experience with Logia Consulting and would recommend their team to anyone who is looking to grow in their leadership capacity.
Kenton Peterson
P.Eng., M.B.A., Senior Manager, Nutrien
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