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Why Group Coaching?

Healthy team dynamics are fundamental to creating a positive work culture and organizational success. Team leaders come to Logia for help with the following:

How Logia Can Help?

We offer customized group coaching to assess your team, and then offer solutions that will suit the unique needs of your team. Logia has spent thousands of hours with hundreds of teams coaching them to become better leaders within their own teams.

Logia Will Help You Achieve:
“Great Results, Personable, High Integrity... David Smith is a top-notch facilitator and is particularly good at helping organizations do strategic planning and reconnecting to what their proper roles are, especially regarding governance matters.”
Murray Lyons
Manager Regulatory Communications, Cameco Corporations
“David Smith (Logia Consulting Inc) provided excellent consulting work to our executive team in January, 2017 as part of our K+S Potash Canada planning on values, corporate and team culture. His ability to focus on the issues and generate results was very beneficial. I'd recommend David for working with any leadership team.”
Maryann Deutscher
Vice-President, Human Resources - North America, K+S Potash Canada
“Dave was able to competently deal with the crucial areas of trust and confidentiality yet bring each employee to a level of understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the team and how the team could function together.”
Murray Sawatsky
Executive Director – Ministry of Justice; Corrections and Policing
“To elaborate, from a partner group perspective, the workgroup session identified the key issues that we need to address to benefit our partnership culture. The manner in which David held and created the space to allow the difficult conversations to take place was impressive. The work with the partner group has also been useful in us as a team getting some perspective on how we interact with others. This will be very useful going forward”.
Derek Meates
CA, Partner, KPMG LLP
“The training we are receiving from Dave Smith of Logia Consulting is really helping us build a strong management team at Comco. I have personally really benefited from the time management sessions. Realistic tips and tricks that have really helped me organize and prioritize my workday.”
Cheryl Lansing
Manager, Comco Controls
“Thank you so much for joining us the virtual CLC meeting yesterday. I strongly believe we all took away some important ideas from your conversation. I know it was great for us to find out that a lot of the ideas and plans we have for 2021 were in line with your best practices. We definitely took a lot out of the session that we will be adding to our plans. Thank you again David!”
Amanee Nassereddine
Chapter Relations Coordinator, Advocis, The Financial Advisors Association of Canada
“Approximately three years ago, we engaged Mr. David Smith to support our Board in the process of Board renewal, which began with an assessment and educational session on Governance including Board roles and responsibilities. David’s style was welcomed by the Board, which at that time had 34 Directors as well as bylaws which needed revision. David was able to support our Chair and tactfully guide our Board through several discussions and steps necessary to facilitate the changes that the Board and our stakeholders felt were necessary. He was able to do this all while carefully balancing the political dynamics that come with an established Board this size. His experience lent credibility to the process and ultimately our organization moved to a new governance model encompassing a 10-12-person Board and new appointment process. Throughout the process David worked with our legal experts, along with our Chair and I to ensure that the intent of our Board and members were properly enshrined in a new set of Bylaws. Please consider this as a positive letter of reference for Mr. David Smith.”
Collin Pullar
MBA, President and Executive Officer, Saskatchewan Construction Safety Associationnada
“In Prairie Spirit, we focus on learning. The (governance evaluation) process you facilitated was a learning experience for all of us. David provided third party insight, prompting us to dig deeper on a few issues while at the same time celebrating our gifts and strengths.”
Sam Dyck
Chair, Prairie Spirit School Division
“David Smith facilitated a governance training workshop with TSASK’s Board in 2014 including the Governance Excellence Model (GEM) and the summary scores from TSASK’s Board members’ responses. The manner in which the material was compiled and presented was professional and tailored to the Board’s needs, as it incorporated responses from each of our Board members. The GEM content was rich with governance content and identified the areas of strength as well as areas that needed attention. This was the first time such a summary was conducted for TSASK’s Board since its formation in 2010 and provided direction for the future. Equally important was the confidential and professional manner in which David led the debrief session with our Board. He is comfortable working with Boards of Directors and brings a wealth of experience that is grounded in sound governance practices. His input and direction were very much appreciated by all of TSASK’s Board.”
Terry Mann
BAdmin, MHRD, CPHR, Manager, Human Resources/Member, Governance & HR Committee, Technical Safety Authority of Saskatchewan
“Dave Smith been coaching our leadership team for some time. We were set for him to facilitate a couple of group coaching sessions with our team and then COVID-19 arrived. Dave quickly rearranged the plan and met with us virtually. He was able to help our team use the distance technology to truly engage in the sessions. There was a pleasant surprise that the virtual facilitation could help us get to the next phase in our development process. The virtual facilitation actually got us there and may have also saved us valuable time completing each session in a couple of hours. I would encourage others to consider using Dave if they are seeking virtual facilitation.”
James Gustafson
Executive Director - Administration & Finance, Campion College at the University of Regina