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Personal Coaching

Have you found your “logia,” your authentic leadership voice?

Why a Personal Coach?

Business owners, managers, directors, and team leaders come to Logia for personal coaching for many reasons: 

How Logia Can Help

Logia uses a range of globally recognized and internationally certified coaching techniques to help leaders with these challenges and more.


Our integrated approach to personal coaching includes mental fitness and all aspects of personal leadership effectiveness. We can help you see your potential and then uncover the personal saboteurs that may be impeding your progress. We collaborate with you to find your desired areas for growth and unleash your strength to work positively towards them and find your Logia voice.

Logia Will Help You Achieve:

“I’ve received coaching from David and found his mentoring exceptionally helpful. In stepping into a leadership role at work, I’ve needed to switch from a task, project, calculation focused job to one that now also requires business development and supervision responsibilities. The exercises that David has led me through during our sessions have gotten me thinking in a new way and now I see business development opportunities around me all the time. I’ve had insights into how I could best use my personal strengths that would have otherwise taken years to come to without his guidance. You only get out what you put into this kind of coaching relationship, but for those looking for similar insights, I would strongly recommend David as a coach.”
Jeremy Thomas
P.Eng, Saskatoon Region Manager, JCK Engineering
“David is a very effective coach. He is disciplined, articulate and very personable. My time with David has provided me with meaningful insight and solutions that can be integrated into my work and personal life for positive change and growth. I would highly recommend David as a coach at any level.”
Robert Grimsrud
Legal Director, Legal Aid Saskatchewan
“As I embarked on a new leadership role, I was extremely grateful to be introduced to Dave early on in my role transition. Dave has provided me with invaluable insight both in a team consulting setting as well as individual coaching. Dave has helped me to focus on what kind of leader I want to be, and has provided me with tools that I will continue to use throughout my career. Dave’s coaching is insightful, thought provoking and fulfilling on a personal level.“
Lisa Dunville
CPA, CA, Partner, KPMG LLP
“Isn't it funny for years I have helped organizations define their future and their future state, but was too busy to define my own. I guess that's what makes you a good coach and mentor..... David understands fully with what I am wrestling with... two different futures and destinations...”
Rob Black
Client Technology Manager - SaskTel
“Nancy is positive, caring, supportive, observant, patience and clear in communication. During our time working together she has guided me to identify false beliefs that have blocked me from pursuing my goals and realizing my dreams. Nancy asks the right questions that give clarity and lead to solid decisions. I have developed healthier strategies and techniques to see challenges as opportunities, which lead to empowering decisions. My attitude about myself, my current situation and future career goals has shifted dramatically. I am richly blessed by Nancy’s wisdom, graciousness and encouragement.”
Nadia Rhodes
Non-Profit Director
“I got a lot of value for the time I worked with Dave. I believe it was key to controlling my fight or flight response so I could actually converse and debate topics when there are disagreements. I appreciate all our time together. You have helped me grow as a business partner and even more as a father.”
Evan Grant
Co-Owner & Maintenance Manager, Len Grant Trucking Ltd.
"Nancy has been a supportive guide who has listened and given me tools to take steps to become the best version of myself."
Catherine Olver
Education Assistant, Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools.
“I really can't say enough about Nancy's ability in being an effective coach. She is an excellent coach for anyone looking to move forward and overcome many of life's challenges. I would highly recommend Nancy to anyone.”
Florence Paquette
Educator, Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools