The Logia Effect

The Logia Effect – Helping You Discover You

‘Logia’ is a Greek word which means ‘the sayings or words of a leader.’
Through decades of corporate leadership in numerous industries as well as thousands of training and coaching hours accumulated since 2009, we believe the power to succeed lies within each of us. We believe that we can all find our ‘Logia’, our sayings or words that reflect our own authentic leadership voice.

At Logia, we believe that every person has a vision of what they want their personal and professional lives to be. This comes to us as we grow and realize what we are passionate about and what we value in life. Oftentimes however, our thoughts and feelings prevent us from realizing our vision.

By arming ourselves with knowledge about how people tend to think (cognitive psychology) and the scientific study of the brain (neuroscience), as well as developing emotional intelligence (learning to understand and manage your own emotions, and to recognize and influence the emotions of those around you), we can influence and change our behaviours. We can develop new and positive habits that will empower us to find our ‘Logia,’ our authentic leadership voice.

We call this ‘The Logia Effect’ and we’re excited to share it with you.

The Logia Effect has helped leaders:

“A few years ago, David was my executive coach as a relatively new Chief Executive. He focused on what I needed to grow as a successful leader. His own experiences, from being in the “Hot Seat”, allowed him to relate in a way that I could grasp and grow. Our regular discussions helped me prioritize and build on my strengths as values. As a result, I have grown, adapt quickly and become stronger and more comfortable with the pressures of being a leader in a larger and rapidly changing organization.

I also sponsored a couple of the emerging leaders in my organization to work with David. I enjoy watching a couple of these individuals grow with the support he provided. This has been a critical element in my succession planning. Leadership is, by nature, a lonely endeavour. It was great to have him walk with me for a few of those steps.”
Collin Pullar
MBA, President and Executive Officer, Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association
“Nancy creates a space of trust, kindness and safety, every single time. This allows me to explore deeper my thoughts, fears and beliefs, and unravel new insights. Nancy’s greatest gift as a coach, though, is the gentle mentoring she would do at the end which brings it all together for me. In my understanding, Nancy’s presence as a coach, supported by her Faith and deep spiritual practice, is what makes her an invaluable partner to work with.”
K D Singh
Executive Leader
“David is incredibly knowledgeable in several fields and has a very encouraging approach to coaching. He was able to provide insight on different leadership styles and give me different avenues to tackle many challenging scenarios I often face as a leader and mentor. He was able to share relatable experiences of his own, both professional and personal, to help guide me to my own relevant conclusions and the paths to get there. The personal growth I experienced from my time with David is invaluable and will pay in dividends henceforth. Thank you, David, for your time, empathy and insight to help me on my journey to becoming a better leader, mentor and person.”
Alycia Calkins
CPA, CA, Partner at MNP