Leadership Consulting

Human Capital ‘People’ Strategy

Human Capital is a vital ROI factor . . . people can either be an asset or a liability!

Getting the ‘right people on the bus’ and keeping them there is crucial. We do this through the application of an integrated human capital system to support talent acquisition, talent management, culture, succession planning and employee/team engagement. Learn more:

Organizational Health and Performance Management

Together we’ll take stock of the environment using your choice from a range of diagnostics systems for teams and general organizational health. Then we’ll walk together to:

  • set objectives, develop key performance indicators ;
  • provide on-going coaching and feedback to individuals to ensure they are meeting goals;
  • assess progress and keep you tracking to the future state.

Learn more:

Organizational Change Management

The only constant is change and as leaders, nearly every step can initiate change. We support you with training and coaching to:

  • understand various change models;
  • clarify readiness, set expectations and strategies;
  • optimize communication for successful change;
  • be proactive in supporting people through transition;
  • assist in the transformation of your organization to higher performance after any transition period.

Strategic Planning

We help your board and/or management team chart the wisest course for clarity in your organization’s direction through:

  • organizational, situational and leadership self-analysis;
  • setting a blueprint of strategies, priorities and goals;
  • creating or fine tuning mission, vision, organizational values;
  • coaching through to implementation and evaluation.

Board Governance Assessment and Development

We ensure Boards become aware of healthy Board dynamics including roles and responsibilities, using the STRIVE! Governance Excellence Model and assessment. We then collaborate to prescribe follow-up development sessions in sync with the Board’s needs and interests. We typically serve Boards with individual coaching, workshops and retreats.

David has a keen sense of balancing strategic results with the immediate and personal needs of individuals and the organization.

Marlys, B.Comm, MHRM, CEC

Executive Director, Public Service Commission

David effectively guided us through a process to define our corporate vision, mission and core values and helped us develop a framework for improving our business development activities. He took a genuine interest in getting to know each member of our staff and made everyone feel comfortable and involved.

Lynden, M.SC, P.ENG, P.GEO

President, Engineering Firm

An outstanding listener and communicator, David brings his calming demeanour to every situation. He is confident and courageous and inspires those around him to be likewise.

Marlow, PMP

Partner, IT Consulting Firm

David is a true professional who provides support and direction through a consultative approach that is based on patience, trust and respect. David’s genuine interest in helping his clients to be successful is remarkable.

Terry, B.Admin, MHRD, CHRP

HR Manager, Provincial Safety Authority

Dave Smith provided invaluable advice and guidance in the development of our business plan. His expertise, continuous mentoring and encouragement for our new venture is highly appreciated.

Daniel, PHD, P.ENG

University of Saskatchewan

Dave’s education, training and past business executive experience is evident in the solutions and resources he readily offers to the challenges I present. He is always very diligent and follows through with each promise he makes to add value to his coaching sessions.

Barry Stuart

Managing Partner & Senior Sales Assoc., ICR Commercial Real Estate

Dave Smith provided invaluable advice and guidance in the development of our business plan for SaskBio. His expertise, continuous mentoring and encouragement for our new venture is highly appreciated.

Xiongbiao Chen PhD., P.Eng.

Professor of Engineering, University of Saskatchewan

David assisted me to re-frame human resources challenges in our office and has been the catalyst in some positive growth in this area. He has provided me with insight particularly into area of team building and team dynamics. This is practical knowledge that I am sure I will utilize in the weeks, months and years to come. I recommend David unreservedly for managers in similar roles.

James Q.C.

Legal Director

David Smith (Logia Consulting Inc) provided excellent consulting work to our executive team in January 2017 as part of our K+S Potash Canada planning on values, corporate and team culture. His ability to focus on the issues and generate results was very beneficial. I'd recommend David for working with any leadership team.

Maryann Deutscher

Vice-President, Human Resources - North America, K+S Potash Canada