Frequently Asked Questions

Logia is a Greek word meaning, ‘maxims, utterances or sayings of a leader’. It is pronounced (lō′gē-ə).

International Coaching Federation (ICF) research shows the ROI to be a median return of seven times the initial investment for businesses, and nearly 3.44 times for individuals who use coaching. We have many testaments from the hundreds of clients we’ve served on how important coaching has been to their growth. Check out their quotes throughout our website.


In summary, we believe people want to contribute, learn and grow to become the best that they can be, personally and professionally. People are accountable for their own personal growth and with a trusted coach, they can realize enormous potential and satisfaction.

We begin with a confidential meeting, usually in-person, to clarify your personal and professional leadership growth needs/interests in the form of goals.  Then we structure a mutually convenient schedule to meet monthly, typically in-person, for regular coaching conversations.  The initial goals provide a framework to refer to but you always set the agenda.   Coaching is really a process of healthy dialogue to support your journey in excellence.

The majority of our coaching and mentoring clients are senior/executive managers, business owners, professional practice leaders and future leaders identified for succession. They are from a variety of industry backgrounds some of which include: financial services, professionals (legal/accounting/engineering), manufacturing, production, construction, education, health care, federal, provincial and municipal government, various family enterprises and non-profit organizations.

We provide mentoring, usually in the form of personalized one-on-one training, in most aspects of leadership and management: strategic and operational planning, performance management, change & risk management, team & culture building, governance, sales/business development, team communications/meetings, difficult dialogues, conflict resolution and more.

Logia coaches are accredited through The International Coaching Federation (ICF). They are also certified in multiple coaching systems including Certified Coaches Federation (CCF), Expedition Coaching and Future Achievement International (FAI). As well they are accredited MERIT™ Trainers and Facilitators through FAI. We also have a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) who draws from extensive knowledge in leadership development and executive management from decades of experience as an Executive Manager in Corporate Finance.

We have worked extensively with The Human Synergistics™ System, Management Research Group™ Leadership Effectiveness Analysis, Myers Brigg Type Indicator (MBTI) and Birkman™ in coaching and organizational development. We also have practical experience with others including; Gallup Strength Finder, Kolb, Kolbe, Strength Deployment Indicator, InQ, DISC, McQuaig, Mach V Attitude Inventory and direct experience with organizational psychologists.


We routinely use MERIT Integrated Solutions™ in our consulting and coaching practice. The core is The MERIT Profile™ which is a component of an integrated leadership system that is comprised of several predictive analytic technologies, business applications and learning processes to help businesses optimize their human capital initiatives through improved talent acquisition, employee development and succession planning.

Clients prefer 6–12 month contracts for optimum results. We often have requests for ongoing support from senior leaders. Specific proposals are always prepared for each client to relate to their specific requirements and interests.

Our coaching & mentoring rates are established to meet your individual needs in a range of options; hourly, monthly, fixed term, ongoing. They are based on the monthly frequency, depth and scope of specific engagements. Engagements can be for individuals or teams.

We have worked diligently to find associates in Saskatchewan and across the country that are ‘like minded’ and ‘like hearted’ in the service of leaders. All are very experienced in their area of expertise and leaders in their respective geographic markets. We are very grateful for the opportunities we have to collaborate with them. If you are interested in forming an associate arrangement with Logia, please contact us. We’d love to connect.