Business is certainly not ‘as usual’ for everyone in recent days with the pandemic upon us. The amount of stress I have encountered in clients these past few weeks has been profound. The not so good news is that I suspect it will not abate for awhile. The comforting news is that clients seem to really appreciate and benefit from the opportunity for brief conversations with a supportive coach.

Our business continuity plan (BCP) is rather basic in the prevailing scenario. For now, we are converting most of our in-person meetings (1:1 or group) to phone or webinar. We are using GOTO Meeting webinars, so we also connect with images and video via PC, iPad, iPhone or with audio alone via phone, as an option. We simply send an access link as an addition to our regular Outlook appointment invitations.

If there is need to be available to others to support assimilating added stress or other challenges in the coming days or weeks, we will be available, virtually or in person as circumstances allow. Please connect any time if you have something you’d like to work through.

I look forward to our next conversation! Be well…