David Smith On Sask Entrepreneurs Podcast

In this week’s episode of the Sask Entrepreneurs Podcast, host Mouneeb Shahid speaks with David Smith, President, Executive Leadership Coach, Consultant & Speaker at Logia Consulting Inc.

Logia Consulting primarily exists to help new and upcoming leaders make things happen as they lead their teams to success. They empower new leaders with their experience and existing leadership, carefully develop skills, coaching, mentorship, and passion for people.

In today’s market, you definitely need that coaching and mentorship to be able to expand your mind. Why? Because what David has personally noticed after being in business for 17 years is that you tend to do business a certain way and you eventually reach a plateau where you cannot scale further — you’ve basically run out of ideas.

As a result, you have to take a step back and connect with other individuals that can actually help you get to the next level, which is the role he fills.

You need to lead yourself well so that you can then lead your teams, organizations, families, and communities.

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