Innovation Place Leadership Sessions

recently delivered a series of three one-hour long sessions on Leadership to many of the organizations working at Innovation Place in Saskatoon and Regina in hybrid sessions. The in-person sessions were hosted in Saskatoon. It was so much fun to interact with a live audience, especially after our two-year hiatus over COVID. Attendance grew each time to a full house as in-person sessions as became more common place again and the desire for leadership training is strong. It was a delight be invited to share my thoughts and experiences. Session recordings are here

Making Great Decisions


  1. Maintaining focus for best decisions
  2. Planning, monitoring progress
  3. Trusting and following a productivity system
  4. Minimizing distractions and interruptions
  5. Overcoming challenges in decision making – More To Do items than time – Over committing – Sticking to the plan – Overly ambitious plans & stress
  6. Realigning Rigorously
  7. Decision making during change
  8. Team decision making.



Nurturing Motivating Environments

‘Understanding the issues with of power and motivation and the choices a manager can make to influence the behaviour of others’


  1. What is the definition of power?
  2. Identifying your superpowers? (self-assessment)
  3. The role of power in relationships to create a motivating environment
  4. Top Drivers of engagement and retention.


The Art & Science of Delegation ‘How do we get things done through others’


  1. Four core activities of great managers
  2. The steps required for effective delegation
  3. Barriers to effective delegation
  4. What can/should be delegated
  5. Who to delegate to
  6. What you need to do to achieve an effective “handoff”