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In-person or virtual, Logia courses and workshops are customized for executives, leaders and teams. Through these courses, our goal is to attain peak performance levels and help people at all levels become more influential and innovative in their organizations.


Logia facilitators plan, guide and manage group events with the goal of achieving an outcome.
We’ll work with your group to help:
In person or virtual, Logia can facilitate meetings on any topic, or can offer you the facilitated sessions on the following topics:

Courses & Workshops


Leadership Effectiveness ‘MERIT® System’
Employers at any level of your organization will benefit from this course.
Developing Authentic Leaders ‘MERIT® System’
This course is geared toward executives, managers, and supervisors.


Mastering Difficult Dialogues: Tackling Confrontation… While Maintaining Relationships
Mastering Difficult Dialogues is delivered as a three-hour workshop that is targeted for all employees but is of most relevance for those with leadership and/or supervisory roles. It includes individual and group exercises, video presentations, lecture components, a workbook as well as a dialogue planning template for ongoing reference. Upon completion of the workshop participants are able to:
The Work of Leaders, Managers and Supervisors (Fundamental Supervisory Skills)
This leadership workshop introduces existing and potential organizational people leaders to practical models and processes to Make Leadership Happen. Participants learn about the fundamental roles and accountabilities of leaders at every level. In the half-day version, they explore and learn about management & leadership roles, people selection, delegation, employee engagement, motivation (power & authority) and conflict management. The combination of presentations, small group conversations, workbook exercises and videos are delivered in a full day session. It can be customized to add topics such as decision making, time management, business planning, succession, career development topics such as ‘Buddy to Boss’ transitions and others of interest to the organization. It gives participants the opportunity to develop their own practical approach and a toolkit to effectively lead others within their organizations.
Team Communications and Meetings
This half day workshop explores the fundamental communication roles and accountabilities that apply to all managers and supervisors. Participants learn how to be more effective in the planning, structuring and delivery of great team meetings while better and better appreciate some key components of inter-personal communications as a leader. The workshop experience includes presentations, group conversations, workbook exercises and videos.
Leading and Managing Change
This half day interactive workshop introduces participants to practical models and important principles relating to organizational change processes. They will also learn effective techniques to lead themselves and guide individual employees through change processes more successfully. The combination of presentations, small group conversations, workbook exercises and videos give participants the opportunity to develop their own practical approach to effectively leading and implementing organizational change process.
Team Development and Organizational Health
This workshop provides participants with a solid understanding of the key factors that impact organizational and team health. During the half day session(s) participants will learn about the fundamental components of teams and team development while developing key skills to avoid the ‘Five Dysfunctions of a Team’ plus, follow the four disciplines that shape organizational health. The presentations, group conversations, exercises and videos will outline a path to strengthen the participants respective team(s) and their own individual roles as effective leaders and team mates. Often there are pre-session assessments (on-line &/or manual) used to understand the current environment. Session lengths and frequency are personalized to the needs of the team.
Performance Management and Feedback
Upon completion of this half day session, participants will have learned to follow the steps required to effectively set performance expectations for employees and understand the issues with respect to power and motivation and the choices a manager can make to influence the behaviour of others. Instruction will be provided on how to deliver feedback to employees in a manner that will maximize the possibility of the feedback being understood and applied. This will support participants to prepare for and conduct an effective performance review interviews. Sessions can be customized to use the company’s existing forms and tools if desired.
Establishing, Developing and Sustaining a Sales Culture and System
This session usually requires a full day, sometimes more. During the educational presentations, group facilitated conversations and exercises, participants learn about growth strategy options and their impacts. They are introduced to a systems approach to their sales/service strategy and then self-assess their competencies and readiness. This involved identifying components already in place, building components ‘on the spot’ and identifying areas for future development. Typical subsequent steps include; sales and service visioning, sales forecasting and tracking, sales training, CRM & technology, Rewards systems…
Manager as Coach Learning Series™ (MACLS)
Effectively coaching others to achieve their full potential is a requirement for organizations to succeed in today’s challenging environment. Yet coaching is one of the most overlooked skills. With Manager as Coach Learning Series™ (MACLS), line supervisors to executives gain the ability to coach, build trust and conduct constructive conversations that develop and engage employees to drive organizational performance.
Through the two half-day workshops and individualized coaching support MACLS transforms participants into coaches. Using adult learning principles, MACLS provides practical knowledge and essential resources to improve both individual and organizational performances. Structured and succinct experiential sessions, delivered over a span of time, allow participants to immediately transfer learning into practice. Tailoring MACLS to the organization’s specific needs further enhances its relevancy, sustainability, and impact on business performance.



Improving Personal Productivity – Time Management
In this half to full-day session, participants learn and apply the key principles related to improving personal productivity through the effective use of time. They learn how to apply each step in a process designed to bolster personal productivity. Through presentations, facilitated group conversations and exercises they will find their own opportunities to improve personal productivity and develop a personal list of target objectives/outcomes. This includes reviewing the various means by which work and work requests come to each person (collection sources); Specifically, participants will be able to: review their approach for building a task recording/ tracking system (to do list); understand how to develop an efficient storage system; identify ways to manage email more effectively; plan how to deal with interruptions; develop a personal list of target objectives/outcomes; focus on the changes required to be more productive and create a healthier work-life balance.
Governance Leadership Models, Competencies and Processes
Board of Directors are guided through various assessments to examine aspects of healthy Board dynamics including roles and responsibilities, CEO/ED Relationships, communications, meetings, decision-making, strategic planning, operational monitoring and more. We then collaborate to prescribe follow-up training and development sessions in sync with the Board’s needs and interests. Boards are typically served with individual/group coaching, training workshops and retreats of up to 1-2 days. Logia is certified to use the STRIVE! Governance Excellence Model and web-based GEM assessment.
Conflict Management
In this half day session, participants learn to identify both individual and group conflicts and the typical contributing factors. They are introduced to the various strategies to resolve conflict as well as a number of practical tips and tactics to prepare to engage in conflict. Practice and role-play can be incorporated into the workshop if requested. Course materials feature several models and templates that can be immediately put into practice.
Leadership Essentials ‘Boot Camp’
This 2-3 day session provides participants the opportunity to gain overall practical knowledge in many of the skills required by successful leaders. The course is tailored to the specific needs of an organization but does explore these key areas; leadership role vs management, team development, communications, conflict management, planning, performance management, coaching, change management, accountability/delegation and time management. The combination of pre-assignments, presentations, small group conversations, workbook exercises, role-play and videos give participants the opportunity to develop their own practical approach to leading successfully within organizations.