Your Values… Key To Success In 2019

In my experience, organizations move toward their definition of success which originates in the vision, mission, values, and then is lived out in goals, strategies and behaviour. At the same time, employees are navigating toward their own personal definitions of success. These are uniquely based upon each employee’s values, goals, interests, capabilities, and work-life challenges.

The larger the organization and the more uncertainty in the overall environment, the more complex. If you have 10 employees, you will have 10 different definitions of success and values; 2,000 employees, you have 2,000 unique definitions. 2019 will challenge leaders to be charismatic, confident and clear about how their organizations will succeed and what values will support the journey. This will help them find an intersection as high up the scale on employee engagement as possible, while also getting maximum contribution to the organization’s own goals and objectives.