Building Global Leaders… They All Start Somewhere

About 20 years ago this gentleman joined the team I was leading in a small corporate banking start-up serving clients in western Canada. He had just arrived from the UK where he learned the ropes in trade financing with the Royal Bank of Scotland. Although a rookie at the time, he fit brilliantly in our team as we grew up as a company and then later left for brighter lights in larger financial markets. Now he leads trade finance for probably the largest bank in the world. It is always amazing where people go in their career, particularly those who have history in the prairies. It is really heart warming to have known and supported them along the way. Way to go Stuart!

We were recently in contact as I have followed his career and he shared this note… “Thanks Dave. I always remember my time in Saskatchewan very fondly, the people, their humour, humility and strength in the face of whatever adversity Mother Nature or a global economy may throw at them. Thanks again for giving me the chance at CUCORP 21 years ago!”

Keep investing in people; everyone, at every level and stage of their career. The rewards for the efforts make a difference in lives and ultimately, this world.