The Dance Of A Decade – Logia Consulting’s 10th Anniversary

The recession in Spring of 2008 had me choreographing a third wave of downsizing in my corporate executive role and when the music stopped, my chair on the executive team was missing as well. The time for a new dance had arrived as my professional future was temporarily freed up. In the following weeks, as the senior corporate job opportunities emerged, most requiring relocation, the desire to reengage did not kick in and my gut was churning. I was unable to get excited about and commit to cheerleading another organization’s ‘mission/vision and values’ to the abandonment of my own and those of our family.

It seemed like the perfect opportunity to realign rigorously for the next stage of my professional career by re-discovering and embracing my PEG (Passion, Experience and Gifts). A dormant dream of mine had been to someday escape the corporate ladder-climbing by stepping out in true entrepreneurial style to serve as a trusted advisor to other executive leaders, while they learned to lead effectively in their respective organizations. I had become intimately aware of the needs of leaders through my 15+ years in executive postings in different industries. So, I strode out choosing the ‘narrower path’ that aligned my updated PEG with my mission: ‘to empower leaders, their teams and cultures’.

The intention in developing our business, ever accompanied by my wife and co-founder Nancy, was to be of service to leaders and organizations in a wide range of consulting, coaching and training services. All of that seemed to logically fit into the brand we chose, called Logia Consulting Inc. The word Logia is a Greek word which means ‘the maxims, utterances and sayings of a leader’. Coincidentally, the URL and licensing were available for us to register right away, so thus we began building our business.

We quickly assembled a small troupe of like-minded and like-hearted people to collaborate with. Over the last decade of operations, we have also developed strategic relationships with a handful of international organizations plus, over a dozen highly skilled associates in our province and across Canada.

Another important step was to be sure that we were providing the highest level of service to our clients. This meant going back to school to complete adult education training and then certifying in various organizations to bring global accreditation to our consulting and coaching practice. As a result, we have been able to deliver world-class training workshops, use internationally accredited coaching tools and methodologies, and add various psychometric technologies and organizational assessments to our business. These are all delivered by not only us but a highly qualified associate network wherever our clients live.

Since our beginnings a decade ago, we’ve served leaders in over a hundred organizations involved in a wide array of industries, in sizes ranging from global, regional, local and larger family-sized entities. We’ve been blessed with hundreds of relationships, including nearly 300 long-term coaching contracts, many still ongoing. The values we chose to pursue: ‘service’, ‘relationship’, ‘integrity’ and ‘results’ have been evidenced by this year’s nomination for a Business Builder award in Saskatoon, a vast collection of referrals and testimonials from our clients who have experienced tangible growth, individually and in their organizations. Most importantly, it gives us immense gratitude to know that we continue our dance to serve others, in an exceptional and meaningful way.