Decide Or Drift

Work and life decisions in general, are often difficult. I once read the quote, “Be Decisive. Right or wrong, make a decision. The road of life is paved with flat squirrels who couldn’t make a decision.” Like that pondering drifting squirrel, mid-course corrections are necessary to lead successful lives and careers. I learned of three… Continue reading Decide Or Drift

Dave Appointed To A Judges Panel For National Business Awards

After being asked by Canadian SME Magazine to be a regular contributor of business articles in 2018, they recently asked Dave to join the judges panel for their national business awards this December.

Delegate Or Drown

After reading Jesse Sostrin’s 2017 Harvard Business Review article called, ‘To Be a Great Leader, You Have to Learn How to Delegate Well’, I was compelled to share some first-hand experiences in delegating. After 30 years in organizational leadership roles including a decade of professional coaching and mentoring leaders, I can vouch that delegation is… Continue reading Delegate Or Drown

Your Values… Key To Success In 2019

In my experience, organizations move toward their definition of success which originates in the vision, mission, values, and then is lived out in goals, strategies and behaviour. At the same time, employees are navigating toward their own personal definitions of success. These are uniquely based upon each employee’s values, goals, interests, capabilities, and work-life challenges.… Continue reading Your Values… Key To Success In 2019

X-Out The Negatives

Have you ever had a bad day? week? month? year? Well that’s common as we are exposed to a lot of negative messaging and uncertainty in our businesses and lives. Shifting social/political/economic trends, thousands of daily media messages, hundreds of emails and texts, very few of which deliver messages of good cheer. A study from… Continue reading X-Out The Negatives

Our HABITS Make Things Happen

With so many choices to make every day, we need to sift through our options before stepping into action. Many have heard of the Serenity Prayer which encourages us to Serenely accept what we cannot change and focus more heartily on those things we can, have the Courage to tackle what we can and seek… Continue reading Our HABITS Make Things Happen

Evolving From IQ To EQ To CQ In Recruitment

Have you ever been confused or discouraged when you’ve discovered that a new hire isn’t fitting in, is not performing as expected or is not who you thought they were? What happened? …”their resume showed they had the IQ and technical skills”… “they displayed the emotional intelligence (EQ) we were testing for in the interview.”… Continue reading Evolving From IQ To EQ To CQ In Recruitment

10 Secrets For Being Genuinely Successful

To be successful in all areas of your life, there are 10 character-centered principles that, if followed, will have you leading yourself and those around you at a higher level in performance and productivity. These principles, introduced by Dr. Ron Jensen in his book,  “Achieving Authentic Success” include: Take Charge And Make A Difference Avoid having… Continue reading 10 Secrets For Being Genuinely Successful