Dave Smith On Bald Leadership Podcast

Had soo much fun with ‘CEO Extraordinaire’ Collin Pullar and “CFL Legend’ Kavis Reed on their recent Bald Leadership Podcast. Have a listen to these two marvelous interviewers do their thing with me. We talked openly about how our biases affect our leadership using some very personal examples including embracing diversity in the workplace and… Continue reading Dave Smith On Bald Leadership Podcast

Innovation Place Leadership Sessions

recently delivered a series of three one-hour long sessions on Leadership to many of the organizations working at Innovation Place in Saskatoon and Regina in hybrid sessions. The in-person sessions were hosted in Saskatoon. It was so much fun to interact with a live audience, especially after our two-year hiatus over COVID. Attendance grew each… Continue reading Innovation Place Leadership Sessions

Regaining Your Strategic Stride After COVID-19

 A presentation made by Dave Smith to the Fraser Valley CPA Association (FVCPAA) in November of 2021. Evaluations from 100+ attendees at the session were overwhelmingly positive. 89% rated the overall session very good or excellent and 96% were satisfied or very satisfied with the content.

David Smith On Sask Entrepreneurs Podcast

In this week’s episode of the Sask Entrepreneurs Podcast, host Mouneeb Shahid speaks with David Smith, President, Executive Leadership Coach, Consultant & Speaker at Logia Consulting Inc. Logia Consulting primarily exists to help new and upcoming leaders make things happen as they lead their teams to success. They empower new leaders with their experience and… Continue reading David Smith On Sask Entrepreneurs Podcast

Purpose Is The New Strategy: David Smith On Innovation Place Brian Bites

Happy Small Business Month

Remember Me

I fondly recall a cheeky little film on customer service from the 1980s called Remember Me. This short film inspired us all to remember those customers that we might have unwittingly ignored. Customers make decisions one way or another and our indifference to them does not bode well. How does that link to business advise… Continue reading Remember Me

Getting To Know Your Team Through Assessments

Have you ever been confused or discouraged when you’ve discovered that a team is not performing as expected or a team member isn’t fitting in? What happened? Did you inherit leadership of the team or personally assemble it? Has the team climate changed dramatically, maybe a pandemic has set in? Sadly, that is our reality… Continue reading Getting To Know Your Team Through Assessments

Purpose… The New Strategy

In the past seven months since the arrival of COVID-19, much has changed. We heard strategic prophets at the outset talk about how the next two years, will bring us the same amount of change anticipated for the coming two decades. Wow, much to assimilate and adapt to so quickly. As millions of people in… Continue reading Purpose… The New Strategy

Cohesive Leadership Teams And Organizational Health

A favourite resource of ours when working with teams is the body of work undertaken by Patrick Lencioni, which is summed up and his terrific book called The Advantage. Our associate Gabriel, took the time to synthesize this book into a brief post on some of the key learnings. We hope you enjoy it and… Continue reading Cohesive Leadership Teams And Organizational Health