Success Stories

Coaching Leaders Dealing With Tough Challenges


I stepped in as coach to a leadership team in the film industry that was involved in expansion through acquisitions and tragically, the sudden death of a key partner.

Solutions provided

Throughout the years of engagement, I coached the managing partner and supported him in the development of the existing leadership team as well as key employees experiencing difficulty.  Delivered a range of leadership training workshops, strategic and operational planning process, business development training team communication and meetings training and strategic off-site retreat.


The firm successfully weathered the challenges of the pandemic through restructuring and is now thriving with opportunities in new markets.  They have been successful at advancing technical oriented managers from the industry and helping them evolve to high performing leaders with strong teams.  The firm continues to win awards for their productions and grow market share.

“Dave’s coaching and mentorship has been a tremendous help to me in guiding our company through expansion, with the purchase of our Calgary company, and the transition of ownership resulting from the unfortunate loss of my business partner.  Dave’s work with our management group has helped us forge a strong team environment.  He’s helped us better understand how each unique personality thinks and communicates, and I feel we are more in sync and more strategic in our decision making. Dave is also a good friend, and a true professional who has helped me personally grow as a leader.  I highly recommend Dave’s coaching services to other business leaders.” 

Wally Start

President, Bamboo Shoots and Angel Entertainment